ECC Gets Blogged

Michele Howley, a friend to animals and adopter of one our bottle-baby kittens, visited the feral cat recovery space this past weekend and did a great write-up on her blog today. We’ve already gotten some donations and encouraging notes, and the cats and kittens are going to be thrilled with the toys and treats donated off the Amazon WISHLIST! Thank you everyone, we’ll have lots of crazy kitten videos soon! To read the post and meet Murray, the magnificently goofy tiger click HERE.



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2 responses to “ECC Gets Blogged

  1. This is great, hope it sparks a healthy dose of exposure for ECC! I wanna come by and take some photos too soon!

  2. emptycagescollective

    Thanks jimmylegs! We’ve gotten a wonderful response and some really nice supportive emails. The light is great for photos… come on down!

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