Simon Says “Thanks!”

Pigeon Rescue

Sometimes for animals in need, it’s about being in the right place at the right time.

A few days ago, two Empty Cages Collective (ECC) volunteers were returning from releasing (now spayed and neutered) feral cats back to their home colonies in Bushwick. When only a few blocks away from the recovery space, a little feathered body laying on the side of street caught one of their eyes. After closer investigation, it was became clear that the bird in question wasn’t just resting – he needed help!

The poor pigeon, who we’ve named Simon, was badly injured. Simon’s feet and legs were so severely entangled and embedded with trash in the form of string, he was unable to walk or stand. He was suffering immensely as the string constricted blood flow and was now responsible for an infection in his limbs. Poor Simon couldn’t even manage to forage for food and was slowly starving to death from the entangled mess. It seemed when the ECC volunteers found him, he was just waiting to die ignored and alone.

Close-up Injured foot

Lucky for Simon, ECC volunteers quickly rescued him and took him to our avian veterinarian. Dr. Pilny was able to remove all of the litter from Simon’s swollen feet. Now, he is receiving foot soaks in Betadine solution to help his wounds heal and some old-fashioned rest and relaxation. His prognosis for recovery is good and if all goes well, he should be able to return to the skies of Brooklyn very soon.



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3 responses to “Simon Says “Thanks!”

  1. Abby

    That’s a very touching story. Having tried (and failed–meaning, I had gotten to them after it was too late) to rescue two pigeons before, my heart especially goes out to our feathered friends. Thank you for caring. I will continue to keep my eyes out for sick or injured birds in need of help, and I appreciate that you all do the same.

  2. diana

    I am so glad you take care of pigeons too, I’ve rescued injured ones in the past, I just can’t pass *any* animal in distress and it’s depressing how much people revile pigeons, they’re just hanging out doing their own thing…

  3. Eve

    My husband brought home a pigeon a few months ago w/ a broken wing and broken jaw. The local wildlife “rescue” could only offer to euthanize him. Instead I took him to a local vet and got his wing bandanged, syringe fed him for a few weeks and now he is living on our back porch eating on his own and re-learning to fly. I found him on the roof just this morning! Heaven smiles on your caring hearts and important work! (follow Compass’s recovery at Thanks for sharing!

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