Open Hearts, Empty Cages: Jake Goes Home!

On Saturday, August 10th, Jake, one of our very special adult cats,
went to his new home. Jake’s new caretaker, Colleen heard about his
search for a home on New York Shitty. Thanks, Miss Heather!

Jake had been with ECC for months awaiting his chance to find a loving
and permanent home to call his own. We rescued Jake late one evening
while we were returning (sterilized and vaccinated) feral cats back to
their colonies in Williamsburg and Brownsville, Brooklyn. We had made
a few wrong turns, ending up on Rockaway Parkway. We saw Jake walking
down the sidewalk, very close to traffic. When we got out and offered
him some tuna, he quickly became friendly and inhaled the food as if
he hadn’t eaten in weeks. We also noted that our new friend wasn’t
neutered. We decided he was coming back with us to get veterinary
care, and eventually, to find a loving home.

Jake had a few strikes against him in the placement department,
however. He was an adult cat in a season and community experiencing a
glut of highly adoptable kittens. He sometimes played too roughly.
And he tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). While
we don’t routinely test healthy feral cats who will be returning to
their colonies (more information on why can be accessed HERE), we
tested Jake because we were going to find him a home.

In any case, FIV is a retrovirus, similar to HIV in humans, that
results in a compromised immune system for felines. While FIV cats
tend to be more highly susceptible to infections, they often feel just
fine. In fact, FIV-positive cats can lead long, healthy lives,
remaining asymptomatic for years. Unfortunately, many people are
nervous about taking on a potentially special needs animal. Luckily
for Jake, someone saw passed his FIV status, and realized he was a
needy cat, with promising potential for a good, long life. We’ll miss
him, but we know there are plenty of others who need our help more


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One response to “Open Hearts, Empty Cages: Jake Goes Home!

  1. Yay Jake! Please have a wonderful life, you deserve it buddy!

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