Ocean Needs A Wave Of Luck – Or Just You!

Life hasn’t always been fair to Ocean. He lived on the streets (Ocean Avenue) for years… surviving on the food he could find or was given and making the best of a bad situation. Eventually he was “rescued” by someone who decided he shouldn’t live on the streets, but instead took him to NYC Animal Care & Control. At Animal Care & Control he quickly picked up an Upper Respiratory Infection and ended up on the “New Hope List” – a list of all the animals NYC Animal Care & Control plans on killing the next day. Luckily for Ocean, the Empty Cages Collective (ECC) pulled him from Animal Care & Control just before he was going to be killed. The other kitten ECC tried to pull that day wasn’t so lucky – she had already been killed. 

Ocean is a wonderful light orange tabby domestic short haired cat who is approximately 6-7 years old. He is affectionate, friendly and grateful to be alive. 


He would like nothing more then a life-long home with comfy places to nap and lots of wet and dry food! Ocean is vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped, and is neutered. He has also tested negative for feline leukemia. Unfortunately, he has tested positive for FIV – a virus similar to HIV but that only affect cats. The truth is, many positive cats live for years with no symptoms of their health condition. When FIV-positive cats receive nutritious food, good veterinary care, and love, the sky is truly the limit on what the future holds. It is important to mention that FIV-positive cats do not require special daily medication to treat their FIV. 

Please be a hero for Ocean and help him find a home to finally call his own! Be the one to show him the compassion that most people haven’t yet afforded him! Please remember that by adopting Ocean, you’re not just helping him – you will be saving another cat, freeing up space so another at-risk feline can be saved!


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