Be Nice To Mice! Ban Glue Pans At Columbia University


Columbia University students in New York are upset that Columbia’s Facilities Department is using glue traps to catch and kill rodents on campus. Although officials there have told national animal protection organizations that they will explore humane rodent-control alternatives, they are not responding to our repeated requests that they remove all glue traps currently set out. 


mice and other animals often suffer for days in glue traps

mice and other animals often suffer for days in glue traps

Glue traps cause immense and prolonged suffering. An animal trapped on a glue board panics and struggles mightily, resulting in torn skin, broken bones, severed limbs, and further entanglement in the adhesive, only to die—exhausted, frightened, injured, and often covered in excrement—from starvation, dehydration, or asphyxiation. Research indicates that death does not come swiftly, taking more than 24 hours for some animals. Furthermore, glue traps and other lethal methods will not control “nuisance” animal populations. When animals are removed from their habitats, more will move in to consume available resources.


Please thank Columbia University Facilities officials for exploring more humane rodent control methods and urge them to prevent further animal suffering by removing all glue traps from the Columbia Universitycampus immediately.

Please send polite comments to:

Joseph A. Ienuso

Executive Vice President


Columbia University Facilities



Matthew Early

Vice President, Facilities Operations 
Columbia University Facilities



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One response to “Be Nice To Mice! Ban Glue Pans At Columbia University

  1. Firsthand Experience

    I once cut some mice out of glue traps set up by facilities management because I couldn’t take the mice screaming anymore. I lived right near the suite kitchen and honestly heard it for days. After secretly housing them I wised up and realized that mice infestations can get humans fatally sick. Glue traps make a situation which is already unfortunate into a truly horrendous one for all. Thanks ECC for setting this up, busy being upset, I had no clue how to change it. I hope some people will write them. I assure you facilities management has really reasonable and attentive people we just have to let them know. Duh.

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