Clancy Needs Your Help!

Clancy was called Winky when we first rescued him due to his condition!

Clancy was called Winky when we first rescued him due to his condition!

Clancy is a wonderful, tuxedo short haired cat who first met the Empty Cages Collective when we were participating in a routine Trap-Neuter-Return effort in a backyard in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. We knew from the minute we met him he was a very special cat. Not a fearful feral like some of the other cats we trapped in that particular backyard. Unlike the feral felines who simply needed some veterinary care, vaccinations and spay or neuter surgery, Clancy was not only friendly and funny, but in desperate need of some TLC.

Clancy was in pain when one of ECC’s friends trapped him that fateful night in January. He had a bite wound on his face that was turning into an ugly abscess and he had been enduring a birth defect involving his eyelids that caused sensitivity to light and discomfort in general. Due to his birth defect he tried to keep his eyes closed most of the time, making avoiding dangers even a little more difficult. Apart from his struggles to find food on the street and somewhere dry to rest, Clancy also knew humans in a more friendly way then many street cats – and was desperately searching for someone to take him in.
Fast forward to the present, Clancy has healed from his abscess, tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV, and has been vaccinated and neutered. He also has a promising adoption applicant interested in giving him the home he deserves. Recently, Clancy was examined by a veterinary opthamologist who can help Clancy live without chronic discomfort and irritation through surgical intervention. The intervention is relatively non-invasive, but expensive when compared to ECC’s modest budget.

With veterinary assistance, Clancy could live without chronic discomfort because of his eyes

With veterinary assistance, Clancy could live without chronic discomfort

Some kind donors (special thanks to Faith Popcorn for her generosity for Clancy’s veterinary care) have helped us pay for some of Clancy’s care – but the bill still needs to be paid in full, and future visits are inevitable. Please help us insure that Clancy gets everything he needs medically so he can hurry to his new home! Donations can be made through Paypal ( or to our mailing address: Empty Cages Collective, 302 Bedford Avenue, PMB#: 301, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Please earmark your donation “for Clancy”.


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  1. cristina

    I have a kitty just like this, a stray picked up as someone was dropping him in a garbage can with pussy, infected eyes, I was told by the emergency vet to put him down, I took him home. I didn’t opt for the surgery to freeze the hair off his eyelids, my opthamologist said the hair can grow back. I’ve managed him for 6 years with daily eye wash and suave. He gets around just fine, has check ups at the eye doc every six months for little money. He’s great. Routine, easy, he’s doing great and the best kitty ever. He has the same mug as your guy too, the name exact facial features..

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