Open Hearts, Empty Cages: Irving’s Story

It was well over a year ago when the Empty Cages Collective met our friend Irving – a tough street cat with a sweet side and soft spot for food. The Empty Cages Collective was working on a Trap-Neuter-Return project for feral and stray cats in Bushwick, Brooklyn when one of our volunteers felt something brush against his leg. The cat who would soon be known as Irving had smelled the tuna and sardines being offered to the feral felines and made a quite approach. Instead of waiting for the volunteer to step away, Irving decided he’d make friends on the spot and grab a bite at the same time!

It was soon realized that Irving, un-neutered, dirty and homeless – was suffering from a severe ear mite infestation and had scratched his head raw, causing an infection. We immediately scooped Irving up and put him in a carrier so he could get veterinary care and eventually be placed in a loving home.

Irving: A few days after rescue

Irving: A few days after rescue

After healing from his wounds, Irving was adopted by a wonderful guardian, Defne Ezgi. They recently celebrated their first year anniversary together (Irving was adopted on March 9, 2008)! As Defne recently wrote to us, “Life has been really good with Irving. He’s a very resilient cat and had no trouble adjusting at all. He’s really playful and loves to run around, chasing me or being chased. He welcomes me home when I come back and purrs and licks my nose. He really is a joy to have. My friends definitely have noticed how happy he makes me. And I know that he’s really happy with his life too. Thanks for making this happen!”

Irving and his guardian, Defne

Irving and his guardian, Defne

Irving relaxes in his permanent home!

Irving relaxes in his permanent home!



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5 responses to “Open Hearts, Empty Cages: Irving’s Story

  1. What a beautiful boy – so glad you brought Irving and Defne together!

  2. tanisha

    he is so cute i am going to explode. this is why i cant look at these sites it makes me want to adopt 4 cats at once and i already have one. cats have such a bad time thank goodness for rescuers

  3. Maria

    I just feel like weeping seeing you two together. He is a lovey dovey precious (and I’m not really a cat person). But to read he kisses you on the nose and to see him chilling in his new mansion (of course it’s a palace to him!), well, it’s just such a happy picture. All the best!

  4. Amanda

    This story is so sweet. I’m glad that Irving was adopted and is good now.

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