Open Hearts, Empty Cages: Peter’s Tale

Peter, who Empty Cages Collective (ECC) volunteers first knew as Torpedo, was a feisty feral kitten when he arrived at our shelter. Rescued from the streets of Flatbush, Peter was born with three siblings to a sweet brown tabby couple who had been abandoned by their guardians. The feline family struggled to survive, dodging cars and dogs, and accepting food freebies whenever they were offered. Eventually the six-feline family made friends with a kind woman named Nicole. She started feeding the cats regularly and began seeking out ways to better their situation.

Unfortunately, by the time Nicole got in contact with ECC, two of the four kittens had been killed by cars. We knew we had to help this cat crew as quickly as we could. We immediately offered Nicole assistance with capturing the survivors. Soon enough, Mom and Dad, as well as Peter and his brother, White Socks, were in our shelter to get some much needed TLC.

Torpedo Turned Peter has turned into a strapping young cat in a happy home

Torpedo Turned Peter has turned into a strapping young cat in a happy home

On top of needing socialization to become trusting of humans, Peter had a hernia that required surgery. After healing from his operation , Peter came around to seeing humans as friends. Meanwhile, Peter waited patiently to leave shelter incarceration and enter the good life. His patience was rewarded. After months with ECC, Peter was adopted by a great guardian, Evan Wise.

Evan has shown time and again that he takes Peter’s needs and care very seriously. Evan recently wrote to us: “Peter sleeps in my bed every night and is usually waiting at the door when I come home from work. He’s developed a bizarre ‘flop’ type thing… he’ll come up to you and straight up headbutt your hand/leg/foot a few times and then quickly fall over onto his side, expecting some serious petting. He’s been such a good cat and everyone that has met him agrees.”

Peter greets his person at the door almost daily

Peter greets his person at the door almost daily

We are so happy that our friend Peter finally found a secure and loving home. We want to see to it that the many other companion animals in need in NYC are given the same opportunity to receive the compassion and respect they deserve.


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