What Is the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale?

2488_54291598575_54289478575_1563155_2996742_nWhat Is the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale?
On June 20 through June 28 (two weekends and the weekdays in between), groups from across the world will hold vegan bake sales. Each participating group gets to choose its venue, what to sell, and how it uses the proceeds. The Empty Cages Collective is having a bake sale as part of our ongoing participation in Williamsburg Walks on June 27, from Noon to 6pm on Bedford Avenue between 7th and 8th Street. Please support us by stopping by our booth at Williamsburg Walks and picking up some vegan goodies! NOTE: The June 20th Williamsburg Walks Event and Vegan Bakesale has been cancelled due to expected thunderstorms!



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5 responses to “What Is the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale?

  1. Hey there! Need some vegan cupcakes added to this? I am happy to help! Let me know.

  2. Sweet! What time should I be there to drop them off? Or do you need them day before?

  3. ivy

    Hi, I am interested in baking a batch of cookies and a loaf or two of banana bread for this. How do I get my goodies to you?

  4. emptycagescollective

    Thanks Ivy! Please email emptycagescollective@gmail.com for info about the bakesale!

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