ECC Needs Your Help To Rescue & Protect Urban Squirrels

As some of you know, Empty Cages Collective was inundated with orphaned baby gray squirrels this fall. These babies were orphaned when their nest trees were cut down, when their mothers were hit by cars or indiscriminately poisoned with cruel anticoagulant poison intended for rats, or otherwise left motherless by the actions of thoughtless or cruel people. Many of the orphaned babies were “pulled” from Animal Care & Control where they were at risk of being unnecessarily killed. Others were rescued by the general public and brought to us for rehabilitation and eventual release. Through tireless dedication by our all-volunteer staff, most of the babies survived their hardships and thrived! We are now preparing for the moment we’ve all been waiting for – their return back to the outside world as free-living wild animals!

One Of Our Many Babies (Photo courtesy Jesse Bruah)

One Of Our Many Babies (Photo courtesy Jesse Bruah)

When rehabilitated gray squirrels are released back into the wild, a nest box needs to be placed in the area (one nest box per squirrel) at the release site so as to help the babies adjust to living the wild life. Empty Cages Collective is in desperate need for people to donate money to our wildlife rehabilitation efforts, as well as carpentry skills (or friends with carpentry skills) to help us build squirrel nest boxes. We are also in need of donated wood – as we would prefer to use recycled wood fiber left over from other projects instead of buying new as some of the squirrels we have were orphaned when their nest trees were cut down.

You can see some of the examples of squirrel nest box plans (one, two, and three) if you think you’d like to try your hand at donating some squirrel nest boxes to our ongoing wildlife rehabilitation efforts. Otherwise, please send your much needed financial contributions to us via paypal (our email address is: or through check or money order to our mailing address: Empty Cages Collective, 302 Bedford Avenue, PMB: #301, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

(Photo courtesy Jesse Bruah)

(Photo courtesy Jesse Bruah)


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