ECC Helps 16 Budgies Fly Away From A Bad Situation

Rescued Budgies Prepare For Their Ride To Sanctuary

Working in conjunction with the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and the Avian Welfare Coalition, Empty Cages Collective (ECC) assisted with a rescue situation involving 16 budgies who had been denied proper veterinary care. had been bred and were now unwanted by their “caretaker.”

ECC helped coordinate and organize the actual rescue of the budgies, as well as provided temporary foster care until the beautiful birds could be transported to a sanctuary where they would no longer be denied proper care, bred, or otherwise harmed. In fact, in their new home they will have a huge aviary where they will be able to fly freely – something all birds want and deserve.

Empty Cages Collective believes all naturally wild birds – from budgies to macaws to lorikeets – deserve to live freely in their native habitats and not be imprisoned in cages as “pets”. Until such a day arrives, ECC will continue to do what we can to assist, place and advocate for the avian refugees of the exotic pet trade.


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