Open Hearts, Empty Cages: Rocco Gets Lucky!

Rocco digs his new digs

Rocco was brought to Empty Cages Collective (ECC) by volunteer Christopher Bollman – a tireless advocate for stray and feral cats and a big help to ECC. ECC has worked with Christopher to sterilize the free-roaming felines who call his block home. Many of these cats are feral – having no interest in being roommates with humans. Rocco, however, was different.

Rocco was already socialized – most likely lost or abandoned by his caretakers – when Christopher first met him on his street. More then just being friendly, Rocco wasn’t interested in living the stray cat life and was actively trying to convince someone to take him in off the street. ECC decided to offer a helping hand.

ECC got Rocco neutered, vaccinated, treated for parasites, and tested for feline leukemia and FIV – and accepted him into our adoption program. Rocco then waited (not-so-patiently!) for a chance to find a permanent home.

Fast forward a few months, and ECC’s friend Tim Soter decided it was time to adopt another feline friend. Rocco was finally chosen! No more cold nights on the street and no more kitty incarceration in a cage. Rocco would finally have a home to call his own.

Tim recently wrote to us about his buddy Rocco: “He is great mix of teenage exuberance and calm sweetness. He’s really a great cat and it’s great to get him out of a cage and into a bigger space for him to run around and play with toys.”


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