Open Hearts, Empty Cages: Fern Finds A Home For The Holidays

Fern Says Hello To ECC Volunteer Photographer Before Her Adoption in December!

Fern came to us as a stray from the streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. One of her eyes was damaged from an inner ear infection that she had contracted on the streets. After visiting the wonderful veterinarians at Manhattan Cat Specialists she was found to be in need of some antibiotics but otherwise healthy. She recovered from her infection except for some slight damage to her one eye.

Joe and Pam were looking for a new friend after Joe’s cat passed away of old age. They took to Fern because of her outgoing personality and her gentle pleas for more petting. They decided to take her home right before the holidays, even though it was a stressful time of year. They took a chance and welcomed her into their home a week before their holiday trip. Everyone is glad they did!

According to Joe, “She traveled amazingly well and was very comfortable at my parents’ place over the holiday. She traveled back to Brooklyn with similar ease and has thoroughly settled in. Pam and I are both amazed at how sweet she is. She loves to be around us, and only occasionally walks across the keyboard as we are typing. She even lets us trim her nails (as long as we only do a couple at a time). Basically, she’s perfect.”

From the streets of Crown Heights to a cozy apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Fern’s journey had a very happy ending. We hope for a day when all friendly felines get such breaks in life!


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