ECC Rescues West Village Roosters!

One of the roosters Empty Cages Collective rescued from Laguardia Corner Gardens in the West Village. This young man had a severe respiratory infection that required antibiotics when we received him!

Empty Cages Collective (ECC) has been called on repeatedly to rescue abandoned hens and roosters throughout New York City. A handful of the most recent rescues were abandoned at Laguardia Corner Gardens in the West Village.

Rescuing these birds is resource intensive for ECC, since we often need to transport the birds far distances to well-run farmed animal sanctuaries where the birds will never be at risk of being harmed again (through abandonment, being eaten, bred, fought, etc.).

The New York Times recently reported on our simple request to the people abandoning the birds at Laguardia Corner Gardens: Stop. Chickens, like all animals deserve to be treated with compassion and respect – and should not be abandoned any more then they should be abused on factory farms, fought in cockfighting rings, or otherwise cruelly treated.


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