Open Hearts, Empty Cages: Biggles Finds Love

One evening, an employee of Foodswings, a local vegan restaurant, called an ECC volunteer she knew and asked him to come rescue a stray mother cat and her two kittens. The feline family was about a block away from the restaurant and seemed very hungry. ECC flew into action to retrieve the starved, shy mother cat and her young.

Biggles and her two kittens, Basil and Dakota, were quickly brought to our shelter space. Biggles was a good mother and both kittens were healthy but shy. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find an adopter willing to take on three cats at once, so we set out to find them all good homes, whether together or separate. The kittens found homes fairly quickly, but Biggles remained with us for a little longer. She became very friendly with the ECC volunteers, and we knew her outgoing personality and funny face would help her find a home.

Biggles! At home.

Kate wanted a cat who was social. She lives with two roommates and often has guests over. Once Kate met Biggles, she knew that Biggles had the personality she was looking for. As for being shy in her new home, that didn’t happen with Biggles! Biggles settled into her new home immediately. As Kate tells us, “As soon as you left, she started hanging out with us all the time . . . She is always laying around on the couch or running back and forth around the apartment. She’s a very happy, well-adjusted cat who is friendly with everyone who comes by!”

Biggles makes friends easily!

Biggles and her kittens are now all in wonderful, loving, permanent homes. That’s the best outcome we could have wished for!


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One response to “Open Hearts, Empty Cages: Biggles Finds Love

  1. Rose

    OMG!! she is sooooo precious!! im in love! thanks for adopting her.

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