Saving Dolly & Bubba II

Empty Cages Collective has been busy caring for many animals in need. We’d like you to “meet” two of our feathered friends we are currently caring for:

Dolly was taken to Manhattan Animal Care & Control after she was found injured by the public. Manhattan Animal Care & Control was just going to kill her–but Empty Cages Collective intervened instead and got her veterinary care for her broken leg. She is a banded pigeon who was likely being exploited in “pigeon racing” or released in a wedding where many tame birds become unnecessarily injured for petty human entertainment. Instead of being killed at Animal Care & Control she is being nursed back to health by a wonderful Empty Cages Collective volunteer, Siobhan. Dolly will be found a home or be sent to an appropriate sanctuary when she is healed up!

Bubba II was found laying on a sidewalk in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with a broken wing–most likely the victim of being hit by a car. Instead of being left for dead, an Empty Cages Collective volunteer rescued him. After receiving veterinary care for his injuries, he is being nursed back to health. When he is healed up, he will be released back to the neighborhood where he was found!


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