Open Hearts, Empty Cages: Curly goes home!

Curly was rescued from NYC Animal Care & Control where she was scheduled to be killed. Empty Cages Collective stepped in to save her life when Curly entered the shelter system with no mother and only a few days old: a virtual death sentence at NYC ACC.

After several weeks of bottle feeding, kitten poop cleaning and TLC, Curly was ready to go home! Her new guardian is already in love! Thanks for being a hero for Curly, Dana!

Have a great life, Curly! Thanks for reminding us of the resilience of little lives like yours and why we keep trying to rescue animals from places like NYC ACC.


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2 responses to “Open Hearts, Empty Cages: Curly goes home!

  1. pauline hignett

    God Bless you for saving this sweet cat.

  2. Daniel Marcovici

    Thank you guys for rescuing curly, Dana and I cherish her very much. We have named her “Tuci” (Which means little darling in my native tongue) and she is growing so fast, she is full of energy and we’re so happy that she had joined our family.

    P.S. Dana is a FABULOUS mom to her.

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