Empty Cages Collective (ECC) is a New York-based animal and environmental advocacy organization. ECC aims to cultivate a culture where animals are recognized as fellow sentient beings worthy of respectful and compassionate treatment. Through advocacy, education, hands-on rescue and assistance, ECC envisions a world free of animal exploitation, abuse, and ecologically destructive behavior.

Nat, he's very cocky!

One response to “Mission

  1. Megan G

    I found your website from a link on dlisted.com – your mission is amazing, I admire your work. I am also a lover of animals and am constantly reminded of their neglect or abuse because I live in Manhattan. I adopted an adorable black and white cat who was found on the street shortly after my last cat passed away, and my current cat makes me so happy. I can’t imagine if she were left on the street and left to die, or taken to a shelter and possibly put to sleep. I tell all my friends who want an animal to always adopt and not buy, as there are so many amazing animals waiting to be adopted. I truly support your mission and applaud your efforts. There should be more organizations like yours. Good for you!